Dirt Bike Tips

Dirt Bike: Enduro Riding Tips

Hey guys welcome to this week’s SOS Enduro riding tip. Today we’re in the back of the woods here really rocky sections we’re going to show you a couple of different drills to get through the rocks, couple uphills couple downhills a little bit of everything that will make it a lot easier for you on your next trail ride. One of the main things when you are trail riding especially on a tricky rocky trail is to focus ahead. Make sure you look up so you can read the terrain you can see what’s coming ahead and adjust your riding position accordingly. Another really important part is to stand up. You have so much more control of the motorcycle when you’re standing up and as you can see in this clip squeeze the enduro bike with your knees turn your feet in so you’re in full control. Again in this onboard clip that’s the same section you come up and focus ahead you have full control of your dirt bike with your legs your upper body is relaxed and then these tricky sections when the front ends dancing around and the Enduro bike is bouncing all over the place you’re still in full control of the motorcycle.

Another really important part is to relax your upper body make sure you don’t hold on too tight with your hands and arms. Squeeze the Enduro bike with your legs to make sure you’re holding on to the bike and then your upper body is relaxed so you can react to rocks, ruts, bumps whatever is coming ahead and you’re not holding on too tight so you wear yourself out and get too tired. As you will see in this clip coming up all right I’m trying to put it all together looking ahead you see here a really deep ruts, tricky terrain so you relax your upper body so you’re able to put yourself in a good position chest forward elbows up so you’re on top of your motorcycle and in control of where you’re going and then your legs squeeze the Enduro bike even if you take your foot off the peg to kind of get into the rut you’re still keeping the dirt bike tight between your legs.

So you’re not going to lose contact with the bike and then by looking ahead especially in these sections going down the hill kind of reading your terrain a steep rock coming up that requires us to really up you’re ready you’re in a good body position you’re in full control of the enduro bike and you’re nimble you’re able to react you know your upper body changes position you go forward you go backward on the bike but you’re always in full control of what you’re doing and that’s what makes trail riding fun that guarantees a fun ride that doesn’t wear you out too much and you can really be out there for a couple of hours and enjoy it, personally I really enjoyed this one.

That’s the most riding we’ve done so far in this article series it was a great day out on the trails I hope you guys got a lot out of it so when you got back out on the trails to make sure you really focus on those legs keep the Enduro bike tight, relax your upper body so you can react you focus on looking ahead so you see the rocks you see the ruts be prepared for what’s ahead and react with your bike.